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MMUs. Mission and Ministry Units.

 What are they?  Why do we need them?  Will they mean that we, as St. Andrew’s, will cease to be ‘us’ ?


        The Church needs to grow and to be sustained, but this is not always possible. No individual church or parish is an island, it is part of a deanery, part of a diocese, part of the fellowship of Christianity.

       It has been decided that the way forward to help this needed growth is to form MMUs.   This isn’t an attempt to close church buildings or communities.  It is a chance for each member church of the MMU to share some resources, to share ideas, to learn from one another and where needed to offer support to one another.  It will also be of help to clergy, preventing possible isolation.


• in each deanery there will probably be at least two units, and the largest deaneries may have more • each unit will be a defined geographic area containing several churches • in each church there will be ordained and lay ministers – and where more are needed the deanery will have plans for how this ministry will be grown • each unit will have at least two stipendiary priests and plans to have more as circumstances change and the church grows • each unit will have an identified unit leader or co-ordinator with agreed responsibilities. This will probably be a priest, it may be a self-supporting priest and in some cases it could be a lay person. • each unit will have identified mission priority areas and some sort of plan for how this ministry will be developed

          We, here at St. Andrew’s will be part of a three-unit MMU that will include St. Edmund’s Chingford and St. Anne’s Chingford.  Each individual church will still be itself we will not be assimilated or amalgamated but will be cooperating and sharing with one another for the benefit of us all.

          We all met at St. Edmund’s on Sunday 13th October at 10am for the MMU Commissioning Service, Bishop Peter the Bishop of Barking, presided.

          St. Edmund’s kindly invited everyone to a buffet lunch after the service.


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