One Lord, One Faith, One God


 "In the belief that the unity of the church is the will of God, we seek to express that unity in the life and work of our churches, the Parish Church of St. Andrew and Higham Hill Baptist Church Walthamstow.

    We therefore covenant together to share   our life as fully as possible seeking to do   separately only those things we cannot do together and so work for the common good of all people and for the greater glory of God.

  We recognise the denominational differences expressed in the practices of our Churches and we pledge ourselves to remain faithful to our separate denominations.

   We shall work for the unity of the whole Church and the reconciliation of all people.

   We welcome all Christians in our area to share in the work of God’s mission on Higham Hill Walthamstow."


        The Covenant, above, was signed on the 9th May 1984 and remains our foundation stone.  It is the very basis of this church and this fellowship.  It is the belief that we all share.  Denominations are respected but the dividing line is so thin as to be almost non-existent.

        We truly share worship, fellowship and Christian Family membership.  We are one in Christ.  We share joys and sorrows as members of the one Christian family.  We are first and foremost members of St. Andrew’s Church.

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