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 Hello everyone


I cannot believe just how times flies!  Easter is here again and another opportunity to commemorate all that Jesus went through for us in his final days with his disciples, the loneliness and finally the resurrection we will be celebrating on Easter Sunday.

Jesus left us a commandment which we remember on Maundy Thursday, a mandate if you will.  The original word is in Latin, mandatum which means command.  He commanded his followers to love one another as he loves us. Maundy Thursday is also the day we remember Jesus washing the feet of his disciples and instituting the Lord's Supper; we all usually remember to meet around the Lord's Table.  How often do we "wash one another's feet" and really love each other as Jesus loves us?

Then we remember Good Friday, which we are really grateful for -  that Jesus suffered rejection, abuse, loneliness, pain and separation all for us and those who don't even appreciate or understand what he did.  How heaven would have been silent, and the angels holding their breath, wondering how humanity could be so callous, cold and calculating, not really realising who they were dealing with and how God could allow it to happen to their beloved Lord.  The anguish and misunderstanding and questions.  The disciples also wondering, what would become of them, had they been wrong in putting their hope and trust in him.  Herod and Pilate breathing a sigh of relief, thinking they'd got rid of another trouble maker!  Satan sitting with his feet up, a wry smile and smugness thinking he'd foiled God's plan for redemption and that the world would finally be his!!!!!  How wrong he was

Then came Easter, the devil (Satan) was quaking to his core when Jesus rose again and we are all still celebrating and thanking God that he knew his plan and carried it out because he loves us so much.

There may be time when we are rejected, shunned and people cause us pain, let's ask God by his Holy Spirit to give us the strength to continue to love, to wash the feet of others and to meet together to remember that he died for us and rose again. After all Jesus would never ask us to do what he isn't prepared to do and he enables us to follow him.  The angels of heaven and the cloud of witnesses roaring their support and cheering us on to do what is right.

We are now in Eastertide for the next six weeks (Jesus spent the time meeting with and encouraging his disciples before returning to his home in heaven), let us make up our minds to do at least one good thing daily to follow in the footsteps of Christ, not just "giving up" something for Lent as most people do and share the good news of the resurrection.  We will be starting Bible study and prayer meeting again soon, come and join us as well as making it a priority to meet together for our social and fundraising efforts.

Thank you for all you do and for your help and support.


God bless you all






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